Friday, September 26, 2014

Starting Investments for Your Kids

Commercial real estate investing childrenIt’s no secret commercial real estate investments in Canada have been performing very well lately and forecasts for future performance continues to look positive.
While you might already have investment portfolios for yourself, have you considered starting for your children as well? Here are six reasons why it might be beneficial to start for both you and your children.
1. Great Returns, Low Risk
Commercial real estate investments are low risk and produce above average returns. They’re safe and stable investment options.
2. Tax Benefits
Real estate investment comes with many potential tax benefits. With the help of a tax advisor, a sound strategy for CRE investment could dramatically increase your true net returns over the years.
3. Solid Long Term Investment
Unlike day-to-day trading, commercial property investments tend to be long-term profiles, with longer time leads.
4. Backup for Residential Investment
Aside from purely investing, residential investments can act as backup, incase residential prices fluctuate in undesirable ways.
5.  Funding Your Children’s Future
These investments are great sources to fund for activities, post-secondary education or other surplus to help them start their adult life on the right foot.
6. Educational
The benefits of longer leads and lower risks create perfect training grounds for new investors. There won’t be pressured to make quick decisions, nor will they need to dedicate all their spare time to the investment.


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